About us


WHat do we do?

Planout is a platform that provides everyone with a variety of enjoyable things to do in and around London. Whether you are tourists looking to explore London or a Londoner interested in what new adventures the City holds, Planout guarantees to have something for everyone.

We have an Instagram page, TikTok page and an app in the works. Make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already to stay up-to-date on things to do in London.

Our values


This is expressed through the bold and bright colours of our logo and website design. We aim to represent Planout as the enjoyable digital platform that we are, continuously providing exciting things to do in and around London.


We always aim to provide a wide range of things to do for all types of people. Although our target market is mainly 18-35, we cater to anyone who enjoys adventure, good food and a great time. With us there is really no limit!

Commitment to Audience

We provide our audience with the best things to do in and around London, the best deals that come with them and all the essential information that they need before visiting these places. We are also developing an app for our audience, to make it much easier to access and quicker for them to find things to do in and around London.

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